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We've recently updated the free videos on our website for helping our clients on using NetCleient CS portals.

Below are a series of videos designed for our clients, which you can play from our website:

Viewing Files
Uploading Files to FIle Exchange
Paying Invoices
Printing Checks

Entering Payroll Data

Client Training - Viewing Files

This video shows how to view and download files as often as necessary without having to request mailings or delivery. Length: :49



Client Training - Uploading Files to File Exchange

This video demonstrates how to upload files to File Exchange through NetClient CS Length: 1:30



Client Training - Paying Invoices

This video shows how to pay an invoice through NetClient CS Length: 1:30



Client Training - Printing Checks

This video demonstrates how to print payroll and vendor checks through NetClient CS. Length: 1:10



Client Training - Entering Payroll Data

This video shows how NetClient CS users can enter payroll data in payroll worksheets that are sent from Creative Solutions Accounting. Length: 1:24


Client Training - Using Portals

Level: Basic

0.5 Hour Course
  • On-Demand

This course is intended for new clients to Document Presentation, File Exchange, UltraTax CS/NetClient CS, Web Organizers. This concise video and audio demonstration will help you acclimate to using the portals easily. You will walk through logging in, managing passwords, and using the Document Presentation, File Exchange, Web Organizer, and 1040 Web Delivery modules. No advanced preparation is required to take this class. This On-Demand course requires a high-speed internet connection.

View Topics

  • Log in to your personal private portal
  • Password Management best practices
  • View Document Presentation
  • Use File Exchange
  • Web Organizer Data Entry, Attachments, and Completion
  • View Completed Returns
  • Collaborate and share documentation with you using Document Presentation and File Exchange
  • Share tax information with the Firm using Web Client Organizers and access your individual tax returns via the portal
  • Log in to your portals and manage your passwords

My Client Training: Your Personal On-Demand Classes

On-Demand classes are a convenient way to get acquainted with your client software. You can access your classes 24/7, directly from our website and advance through the course material at your own paceĀ–starting, pausing, stopping, and repeating as desired. To get started, simply log in below.



My Client Training